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Zagreb is a city that artfully balances its old Croatian heritage and modern dining, architecture and culture. Whether you choose your luxury hotel in Zagreb in the old city of Gradec or near the neon lit Ban Jelacić Square below, you will be within a scenic funicular ride to the young town or the old.

In Gradec you are treated to fresh gastronomic delights and palatable homemade wine at the colorful Dolac market. Catch photo opportunities at gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral and St. Catherine's Church before you settle into the gallery of visitors and locals lingering over their lattés and people watching at an outdoor café.

As you walk into Ban Jelacić Square from Gradec you will see fewer people toting sacks brimming with flowers and vegetables and more designer handbags lounging on the arms' of cosmopolitan European women. Continue south of the old city and there is urbane night life, trendy shopping and a plethora of luxury hotels. Notice the Technicolor facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art from your barstool as you sip your chic martini in one of Zagreb's many fashionable clubs, then put your dancing shoes to work at a discothèque.

Medvednica Mountain is a mere 20 minute, winding drive north of city center. If you are in top form, you can trek up the mountain from a trailhead downtown, or instead take a gondola lift to the summit where the nature park commands far reaching views of the city below.  Explore the medieval ruins of thirteenth century Medvedgrad Castle or in winter, challenge the ski slopes.

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