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The exciting city of Arras, France the most central location in the Pas-de-Calais department, and also the capital city. Arras has been established since the turn of the 9th century and was a major battle point in both WWI and WWII, so prepare yourself for an informative look into the past. Book your luxury hotel and immerse yourself in the city?s rich history.

While in town you have to experience the two major open air markets, Grande Place and Place de Héros(sometimes refered to as la Petite Place.These markets have many vendors selling clothing, food, and other miscellaneous and interesting treasures. Along the perimiter of theses large squares are towering buildings (restored to their post-WWI condition) adorned with scrollwork and beautiful molding.

The Fine Art Museum of Arras has a collection rivaling that of the Lourve in Paris.  Its gallery walls are lined with giant religious paintings.  You can see examples of Gallo-Roman sculpture as well as coins & paintings from medieval culture.  The hours of operation are as follows:Wednesday to Monday; 9:30am to 12pm, then 2pm to 5:30pm.Check local listings for exceptions and holiday hours.Do not make the mistake of missing out on seeing these priceless treasures.

The town hall is an unmistakable landmark of the city.The belfry (which is accessible by elevator for a couple Euros,) stretches almost 12-stories into the air offering breathtaking views of Arras and the surrounding areas. Book your luxury hotel nearby and admire the gothic style architecture for which France is so famous.

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