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Come to Burgundy for the wine, world class shopping, or to study the unique architecture. Whether you are here to pamper or trek, your luxury hotel in Beaune will place you in the center of the action.

Revered as the wine capital of the Burgundy region of France, Beaune is the nucleus of all the quaint vineyard villages that dot the surrounding countryside. Whether you wish to tour the scenic vineyards on foot or take a breathtaking hot air balloon ride above the vines, you will surely be awed by the local wines offered.

This once walled and heavily fortified city still boasts remnants of its battlements that can be seen ringing the medieval city center. Luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and many upscale clothing and beauty shops clutter the storybook boulevards and streets. Discover the weekly fine food market where lush produce, impressive cheeses, truffles and wine are offered for sale in the vibrant square.

Don't miss the Hospices de Beaune, a charity organization founded in 1443 that is now a museum out of the Hôtel-Dieu. This example of fine French architecture draws visitors from far and wide who admire the intricate polychromatic roof tiles and preserved iron work.

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