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Beauvais is a just 20 miles north of Paris in the foot hills. Once ruled by the Roman Empire this city incites a curiosity into the distant past. The riverside community is home to the Beauvais Cathedral once of the most remarkable architectural achievements of its age. Book your luxury hotel and immerse yourself in the history.

The Beauvais Cathedral, though partially incomplete, still speaks volumes as to the engineering genius of those who constructed the massive church almost 1,000 years ago. Unfortunately during the race to build the France's tallest cathedral, some of the flying buttresses collapsed, thought to be from strong winds. Now reinforced, the structure offers many examples of medieval stained glass and most likely the oldest functioning clock in Europe.

Learn the story of Jeanne Hachette who's depicted in a bronze statue in the town square. She had reinvigorated the morale of the town when she flung a hatchet and herself upon a solider of the offensive, flinging him and the flag he posted into the mote, reclaiming her land. Book your luxury hotel in Beauvais and learn more of this 13th century woman warrior.

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Marvel at the immense size of the famous catherdral. Book your luxury hotel and save. guarantees low rates and 24-hour service!


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