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Marvel at the dare devil surfers slicing through the waves from your luxury hotel in Biarritz. This beach resort town has it all, gambling, nightclubs, museums and of course a pristine expanse of white sand beach.

You'll want to catch your rays on the Grand Plage in front of the beach casino for the best people watching, but if it gets too crowded you can stroll to the Port des Pêcheurs or the Plage de la Côte des Basque to lay out your beach towel. If you are more into adventure, paddle out on a surfboard of your own or catch a sailing cruise out into the Atlantic.

For more leisure minded guests there are plenty of golf courses and ample shopping districts downtown, all within walking distance from your luxury hotel. The Museum of the Sea, situated in the old town offers another entertaining respite from the baking sun.

There are many shady pavement cafés where you can indulge in local cuisine including ttoro, (a thick fish stew), jambon de Bayonne and spicy eggplant sauces. Finish your night with a turn on the dance floor at one of the many hip dance clubs.

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