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Explore the haunting D-day beaches of Normandy from your luxury hotel in Caen. From beautiful yet ancient ruined architecture to modern attractions, Caen will be the perfect spot from which to explore northern France.

The Château de Caen is one of the few relics of the city's rich past that still stands. Flattened during WWII the city has mostly been rebuilt in a new, cosmopolitan style. The fortress though, built by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century, has endured for almost a millennium.

Surrounding the castle there are St. Pierre's Church and St. Étienne-le-vieux church, also built by William the Conqueror, majestic and picturesque for visitors to admire. From your luxury hotel explore the downtown and find yourself among the verdant botanical gardens of Caen. The first specimens here were placed in 1689 and since they have flourished into a medicinal garden, an area of native Normande flora and an arboretum of rare trees.

For a kitschy taste of Normande fun, try Parc Festyland, a medieval themed fun park that features rides, food and games. This attraction will delight visitors of all ages, (who are young at heart).

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