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Clermont-Ferrand sits west of the Chaine de Puys, a chain of dormant volcanoes which can be seen from all around the city. These striking views are what make this city famous and provide a great place to book your luxury hotel. Explore the many sites the city has to offer.

To the west, explore the beauty and wonder of the Chaine de Puys that have unique history of there own. You don't have to worry about an eruption as the last one took place 6,000 years ago. The 25 mile stretch of dormant volcanoes reaches a maximum height of 4,800 feet at the Puy de Dome. Book your luxury hotel in Clermont-Ferrand and see this geological wonder.

To the east, the Parc Naturel regional du Livradois-Forez which spans 2,000 square miles is a hikers paradise. The range in altitude is so dramatic that hikers will go through low-lying forests to jagged mountain peaks over the course of a day's hike. The park also offers gondola rides for a spectacular experience high above the mountains of France.

In the city, The Clermont Ferrand Cathedral is one of the many examples of Gothic architecture in France. The two identical and flamboyant spires sore 50 meters (170f t.) up between which a giant blue rose window looks down at you from the street below. The entire structure is made out of solid black lava stone, making it a prominent spectacle in the horizon from most vantage points.

The Jardin botanique de la Chame (the Botanical Garden of Chame) boasts over 2,500 species of plant. The green and lavish garden has many examples of perennials, trees, and water plants throughout. It is located on 10, Rue de la Chame and open to the public for free which makes it the perfect location to spend the afternoon.

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