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The view from your luxury hotel in Dijon of the intricate green, yellow and black terra cotta-tiled rooftops will instantly exhibit how special this town is. From its signature dishes to its towering churches, you will fall in love with Dijon.

You will be able to stroll to main landmarks such as St. Michel Church, the Cathedral of St. Begnine and the Notre Dame church from your luxury hotel in Dijon. Don't forget to pat the owl carving on the side of the latter church for good luck!

The stately Ducal Palace houses relics collected from hundreds of years of the Dukes of Burgundy collecting art and artifacts. The Museum of Fine Art is not to be passed by; it opened in 1787 and displays a wide variety of art. From ancient Egyptian antiques to Renaissance artwork by Rubens to modern works by Monet.

Cozy up in a welcoming eatery where classic cuisine of the region is an art form itself. Coq au vin, (chicken cooked with garlic, wine, mushrooms and garlic) and beef bourguignon, (beef braised in red wine), are sure to be on the menu. Order a Kir as an apértif and enjoy the regions famous crème de cassis, (black currant liqueur), with local white wine.

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Don't check out of your luxury hotel in Dijon without shopping for some genuine Dijon mustard to take home with you! Booking luxury hotel reservations in Dijon is easy with

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