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Dinard is a very popular seaside resort town located just outside Saint-Malo. Its rocky coast line includes an array of extravagant villas, many waterfowl, and stretches of white sandy beach. Book your luxury hotel in Dinard for a sun-filled holiday.

The especially warm weather and waters during the summer months have made Dinard one of the most popular resort towns among Continental Europeans. The main beach, Plage de l'Ecluse, offers soft white sands that vividly contrast with the sapphire blue waters. The elliptical shape of the beach gives you an outstanding panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Book your luxury hotel in Dinard to indulge in some rest & relaxation.

For a night out on the town stop into the Casino Barriere de Dinard. The premier sea facing casino offers various table games and slots as well as a poker room. There are also bars and restaurants such as the Casino Brewery, which offers many seafood specialties and an excellent beer selection.

Though Continent Europeans find Dinard especially nice, people from far and wide come to let down there hair at the coastal gem. The getaway has even been popular among celebrities such as Alfred Hitchcock; and important heads of state such as Sir Winston Churchill.

The best place for a midnight stroll is on Promenade du Claire de Lune, literally meaning Promenade of the Clear Moon. A multitude of a tropical plants and palm trees line the walkway which offers breathtaking views of the rolling sea and bobbing sail boats.

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