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Lisieux, France sits on the banks of the La Touques and L'Orbiguet Rivers. The surrounding areas have  rich farmland and many apple orchards, both have made Lisieux a major trading area for hundreds of years. Book your luxury hotel in Lisieux and appreciate the local charm.

St. Theresa was modern saint who touched a lot of lives and also called the Lisieux home. Twenty-eight years after her death, she was canonized as a saint. In 1929 the massive Basilica of St. Therese was erected in her honor. The basilica took around 24 years to complete and now attracts over 700,000 people each year. The Neo-Byzantine style building took inspiration from the beautiful Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris. With a capacity of 4,000 and a height of 300 feet to the top of her dome, this house of worship proves quite breathtaking. Explore the basilica and stand in awe at the exquisite mosaics that decorate the grand dome.

For a great day trip, be sure to visit one of Lisieux's amazing animal parks. Located on 14100 Rue Hermival le Vaux, Cerza zoological park boast over 600 exotic mammals, reptiles and birds including many lions, tigers and bears. You may also enter the petting area to get the opportunity to feed Rainbow Parakeets! La Dame Blanche, a nature farm, is geared more towards local and domestic animals. The 5 acre park hosts many endangered species and has a very involved educational center for children. Book your luxury hotel nearby and set off in to the wild!

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