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The French city of Metz is located on the banks of the Moselle and Seille rivers. Discover the more than 100 buildings now classified as "Monuments Historique" in the largest urban conservation project in the country. Book your luxury hotel and marvel at the sites of this historic city.

Metz is a member of the QuattroPole, an alliance between Metz, Luxembourg, Saabruecken and Trier. All these cities are within an hour drive from each other but their cultures vary dramatically. The goal of forming the QuattroPole is to bring tourism to all cities involved but most importantly, they want promote and embrace the melting pot that is Europe.

Visit the Metz Metropole La Cour d'Or Museums and uncover the millennia of history for which the city is so famous. The museum itself was once the palace of many Austrian Kings. Navigate the labyrinth of hallways and rooms to discover the ancient Roman thermal baths, the tombs of the Austrian kings, as well as the thousands of medieval treasures behind every turn.

The Saint-Etienne Cathedral is the product of joining two churches together. This exceptional example of Gothic architecture will be sure to amaze. Over 21,300 square feet of stained glass windows decorate the grand cathedral. Measuring 140 feet tall, the nave is one of the tallest in France.

Don't miss the very unique, Place de la Comedie, the oldest theatre dedicated to Opera in France. Built on a tiny island in the middle of the Moselle River, it sets the perfect scene for your luxury hotel in Metz.

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