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Mulhouse, France was a large player in the French industrial revolution which has been reflected in its famous technical museums. With a strong automotive and textile industry, the city manages to hold tight its historic downtown district and the heritage thereof. Book your luxury hotel in Mulhouse to experience this bustling metropolis.

Visit the largest museum in France completely dedicated to the power of electricity. The Electropolis museum houses over 12,000 examples of electronic devices, tools and appliances whose uses range from medical to technical, visual to recreational. This vast collection is ever-growing thanks to many regular donations.

Near the crux between the boarder of Germany and Switzerland is the La Fiature, a venue that holds up to 350. The vast former cotton candy factory is the home of many rehearsal studios as well as a photography exhibition space. Spend an evening out at the Opera National du Rhin or hear one of the beautiful scores preformed by the Symphony Orchestra of Mulhouse.

Book your luxury hotel during the month of December and participate in the many Christmas celebrations. Since the 12th century it has been understood that on the evening of December 6th, Saint-Nicholas will come to reward the good little children of the town with sweets and presents. For those who were not so good, the Whip Father (an anti-St.Nic) will be sure to punish and frighten.

Aside from the dreadful Whip Father, the town stays in a state of constant jubilation for the month of December. There is a Christmas Parade and a Christmas Market both of which are a must see while in town.

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