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The ancient city of Narbonne, France rests on coast of the Mediterranean Sea making it a wonderful location to book your luxury hotel. The port was once pivotal in the exportation and importation of goods to and from many destinations in the Roman Empire.

Due to the rich ancient history, there are many points of interest. The Place de l'Hotel de Ville is a one stop shop. The massive complex, once the palace of the archbishop in the 13th to 16th centuries, now houses the city hall, the Archaeological museum of Narbonne, and the museum of Fine Art.

Explore this massive complex and admire the beautiful mosaic floors installed in the 17th century or discover the Horreum, an underground labyrinth of subterranean storage rooms and hallways used by the Romans. For only about €4 you can spend the day immersing yourself in the many facets that make this historic structure so important to Narbonne and France.

Take a stroll along the Canal de la Robine which flows through the center of town. Completed in the late 16th century, the canal was a life line to the city. The 32km canal connected Aude to Port la Robine where the water meets the sea. Book your luxury hotel and marvel at this feat of ancient engineering.

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The beaches in Narbonne offer spanning sandy plains allowing you to relax in privacy away from large crowds. The majestic blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea will capture your heart when your book your luxury hotel.

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