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From your luxury hotel in Nīmes you will appreciate the vibrant history, enthusiastic culture and singular cuisine of this region in Provenēe. Enjoy the ancient Roman architecture, active nightlife and underlying Spanish influence that make Nīmes special.

The massive Roman arena commands the skyline of Nīmes and you won't want to miss an event here. Concerts and sports matches are entertaining but the real treat is a corrida, or bullfight. Join the frenzied locals for this violent, yet authentic experience. After the fight, if you are lucky, you can partake in a serving of garianne de taureau prepared with the slain bull's meat. For more fascinating insight into the traditional sport, explore the Bullfighting Museum nearby.

From your luxury hotel in Nīmes, tour the Gardens of the Fountain. Built atop the ancient Roman thermal baths of two thousand years ago, picturesque waterways, the Temple of Diana and the Tour Magne can all be glimpsed here. A climb to the top of the tower is a treat not only because it is the last remaining Roman fortification in Nīmes, but because it boasts 360 degree views of the city below.

Browse the shops for the perfect pair of denim jeans to bring home; Nīmes was the birthplace of the internationally stylish fabric over two hundred years ago.

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