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Visit the beautiful Loire Valley and from your luxury hotel in Orléans immerse yourself in the landscape, lore and charm of this quiet river community. A city dedicated to the honor of Joan of Arc, you will be fascinated by the memorials and exhibits that Orléans boasts memorializing her.

From your luxury hotel in Orléans, stroll the canals and riverside. Antique flat-bottomed boats can still be viewed near Pont Royal. Notice their unique collapsible masts that made river navigation possible. You'll want to glimpse the striking St. Croix Cathedral while you tour; its gothic towers and intricate stained glass are reminiscent of Paris's Notre Dame.

Spend plenty of time soaking in the city's appreciation for Joan of Arc. In 1429 she was part of the army that freed Orléans from siege. Visit the House of Joan of Arc, a fully restored replica of the half timbered wooden home, where the story of her conquest across France is told through the museum's displays and articles.

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