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Quimper is a beautiful town that rests along the banks of the Odet River in France. Most of its cobblestone streets accommodate only pedestrians which allow you to take a stroll through medieval history when you book your luxury hotel in Quimper. Its roots lie heavily in Celtic tradition and the influence of which can be seen everywhere.

The Roman Catholic Quimper Cathedral is known nationwide. The exquisite example of Gothic architecture is sure to amaze. Large stained glass windows dominate the interior as brass chandeliers hang between the giant archways along alter. You can not help but notice that the entire church contours toward the middle; this was to accommodate the swampy terrain that once surrounded the area.

Quimper is well known for its themed gardens during the spring and summer months. Book your luxury hotel and explore the Garden of Retreat. Its lush lawns and palms trees of all different species are sure to make for a lovely outing with the entire family. You may also take an afternoon walk through the Garden of Locmaria which boasts many wild species of flower and large wooden arbors teeming with bountiful rose bushes.

Located just a few miles from the ocean; you may plan an exciting day on the beach soaking up the sun. The sandy shores of Brittany are world renowned and certain to make your vacation in Quimper one of many joyous memories.

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