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With so many interesting monuments, museums and buzzing culture it is easy to choose a luxury hotel in Reims. The literal capital of the Champagne region of France but also the touted Champagne capital of the world, Reims will delight you with both its history and bubbly.

Beneath your luxury hotel in Reims there are networks of Roman tunnels carved from the soft chalkstone. For centuries the region's precious Champagne bottles have aged in peace within these hidden catacombs but with a guide you can visit them and even sample some of the most popular wine in the world.

Back aboveground, find the ancient landmarks that add to Reims's rich history. The Cathedral of Reims saw the coronations of French monarchs for almost a thousand years while the Gallo-Roman Porte de Mars has stood guarding the city since the third century with its carvings still intact. St. Remi Basilica was built in the sixth century and houses relics of saints and bishops from the city's past.

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