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Sainte Maxime is a picturesque city with breathtaking coastline. The beautiful town center sits along the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France making it the perfect location to book your luxury hotel.

Much like most communities in the south of France, many artists, writers and poets have communed here for centuries. The historic fishing village was established sometime around 100 A.D. and offers endless examples of intricate ancient architecture that will be sure to intrigue.

The sprawling protected forests that surround Sainte Maxime are perfect for those who like to spend time in nature. Arrays of winding trails weave through high mountains and low lying wetlands allowing for close interaction with wildlife. The forest is home to many native species of palm tree, delightful flowers, and other thriving exotic vegetation.

For a relaxing day, go to one of the villages pristine beaches. The 3 on-the-beach restaurants make the perfect location to pick-up a refreshing beverage, or grab an authentic French lunch. St. Maxime also offers many other day activities such as horseback riding at Ponies Vederet just a couple of minutes out of town. You could also spend a day in the trees at Abree Adventure, a complex devoted to ropes courses and repelling for the entire family.

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