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Indulge in medieval charm and metropolitan progression outside your luxury hotel in Erfurt! With a generous mix of education and art, Erfurt offers the best of German history and culture!

Start your trip with a stroll through one of Germany's oldest cities. Archeological evidence of settlement in Erfurt dates back about 100,000 years. Throughout the Middle Ages Erfurt was an important trading town, centrally located in the heart of Germany. It was also established as a busy religious hub. Erfurt Synagogue dates back to the 11th century and is believed to be the oldest synagogue still standing in Europe. The museum currently holds the Erfurt Treasure, a collection of coins and jewelry dating back to 1349.

The city has preserved an intact medieval city center. It has two churches, both of which deserve a visit during your trip. Erfurt Cathedral was designed of International Gothic style and is about 1200 years old. Severikirche stands side-by-side with the Cathedral, and its Romanesque features and triple towers are breathtaking.

Erfurt Theater is a relatively new opera house that features their Philharmonic Orchestra, opera, and performance art. The Horticultural Exhibition Center hosts parks, gardens and greenhouses offering impressive displays of flowers, tropical plants, orchids, butterflies and much more. Visitors can also attend the German horticultural museum within the 500-year-old Cyriaksburg on the same grounds.

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