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Experience the influence of historical royal, religious and industrial innovation outside your luxury hotel in Essen. With a generous mix of progressive art, entertainment and business, Essen has an abundance of German history and culture.

Located on the River Ruhr, Essen is Germany's 9th largest city. It is one of the oldest parts of Germany, with artifacts discovered from settlements dating back to 250,000 BC. Be sure to visit some of Essen's most historical landmarks: Herrenburg Castle dates back to 8th century AD, while the Alteburg castle in the south of Essen dates back to the 1st or 2nd century BC. Essen Abbey is a Gothic church dating back to 870, and is located right at the center of the city. It contains many significant pieces of art from Ottonian times and the famous Golden Madonna of Essen - the oldest known sculpture.

Villa Hugel is a 269-room mansion that was the Krupp family residence until vacated in 1945 due to annex by the Allies in World War II. It is now used for high profile exhibits and concerts.

For entertainment, head to Colosseum Theater for musical theatre, Aalto Theatre for opera and ballet, and Saalbau for Essen's famed Philharmonic Orchestra.

Art enthusiasts should visit Museum Folkwang, which contains a significant collection of 19th and 20th century art. There's Gardenstadt, which is a 284 acre garden city, and considered the first of its kind in Germany. And Botanischer Garten Grugapark is Essen's extensive botanical garden with dozens of different styles of greenhouses and gardens.

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