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Experience the historical significance and artistic expression on the streets outside your luxury hotel in Kassel. As the "Birthplace of the Grimm Fairy Tales", Kassel is a bounty of German history and culture.

Dating back to at least the 10th century, Kassel was an important religious location during the late portion of the Middle Ages, specifically as a center and refuge for Protestants. During World War II, Kassel was an important military district for the Nazi regime. Consequently, the area was bombed heavily, with 90% of the city center destroyed completely. The majority of the ancient buildings within the city were never rebuilt - only a few remain.

Visitors should head to Fridericianum, one of the oldest public museums in Europe. Built in 1779, the museum is the site for temporary art exhibitions and festival Documenta. Schloss Wilhelmshohe is an impressive palace with a sprawling terrain filled with gardens, ponds, canals, ruins, and museums. It has the second largest collection of Rembrandt paintings in Germany. Nearby is the spectacular Hercules monument.

If you're in the mood for more outdoor excursions, head to Karlsaue along the Fulda River. The park was established in the 16th century and features an Orangerie (a palace built in 1710 as a summer residence for nobility) and planetarium. There is also the botanical garden for horticulture enthusiasts.

And don't forget, the Brothers Grimm made their home in Kassel for many years.  It was here that they collected and wrote most of the famous fairy tales they are so beloved for. What other hotels in Germany than the ones in Kassel offer the chance to discover your very own happily ever after?

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