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Experience the historical significance of past and present on the streets of one of Germany's oldest cities outside your luxury hotel in Mainz. With Roman influence and artistic abundance, Mainz is a conglomerate of German history and culture.

Be sure to visit some of the most historical landmarks in Mainz. Mainz has a long history of royal, religious and military significance; it is considered one of the most important political and military towns of the Holy Roman Empire. Founded as a military post in the 1st century - with settlement likely dating back before the 13th century BC - Mainz has a number of sites and relics showcasing the Roman rule. Ruins of the theatre and aqueduct, Drusus' mausoleum, Jupiter's column and the town gate (dating back to the late 4th century) are all great options.

The Romano-Germanic Central Museum has an excellent collection of Roman and Medieval (and earlier) artifacts. The Museum of Ancient Seafaring houses remains of five Roman boats from the 4th century, and Landesmuseum Mainz (the state museum) boasts and impressive collection of archaeology and art.

Mainz Cathedral of St. Martin is over 1,000 years old. This breathtaking Romanesque cathedral was consecrated in 911 and now offers works of art spanning a millennium.

For guests looking to explore the outdoors, head to Mainz Sand Dunes, an interesting phenomenon deposited during the last ice age. The botanical garden and arboretum contains about 8,500 species, ranging from alpine to tropical.

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