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Experience the historical significance of past and present on the streets outside your luxury hotel in Nuremberg. With Roman influence, scientific progress, and Bavarian charm, Nuremberg is a conglomerate of German history and culture.

Be sure to visit some of Nuremberg's most historical landmarks.  Considered the 'unofficial capital' of the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages, the city boasts the ancient Nuremberg castle and Nuremberg Frauenkirche, where the Imperial Courts worshipped in centuries past.  The cultural blossoming of Nuremberg in the 15th and 16th centuries made it the center of the German Renaissance.  During World War II, Nuremberg was a strategic base of operations for the Nazi regime, and Wehrkreis - the military district where production of submarines, aircraft, and tank engines commenced - was based within the city.  Despite heavy destruction at the end of the war, much of the city was rebuilt, and Nazi architecture is still evident within Nuremberg.

Museums offer insight and history into many aspects of this Bavarian city.  The Germanisches Nationalmuseum offers extensive galleries of Renaissance Art, while the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rallying Grounds takes a closer look at the famed Nuremberg Rallies and Trials.  For lighter fare, visit the Transport Museum or Toy Museum!

If entertainment is your desired experience, you can take in Opera, Ballet, and Theatre at The Nuremberg State Theatre, while the Frankenstadion is the popular football stadium within the city and was refurbished in 2006 for the World Cup. 

The Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg is the oldest art academy in central Europe and offers a tradition of more than 350 years of artistic education!

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