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Experience the grandeur of a majestic German city on the streets outside your luxury hotel in Schwerin. With Roman influence and artistic progression, Schwerin is a conglomerate of German history and culture.

Be sure to visit Schwerin's most historical landmark: famous Schwerin Castle. Considered one of the world's most iconic structures, Schwerin Castle was originally built as a fort dating back to the 10th century. Considerable changes and improvements occurred during the 16th century under Duke Johann Albrecht I. Over the years extensive renovations have been done, and the castle has been used as a house of royalty, college, museum, and currently as the state seat of parliament. There is the Palace Museum, Gardens, and two cafes to ensure you can make a day of it. But be warned - the castle is considered to be haunted!

Visitors should then head to Schwerin Cathedral, built 1260-1416 in Brick Gothic style. The cathedral is a popular site for concerts and organists. Construction on the gorgeous St. Paul's Church began in 1863, and is a shining example of medieval architecture. The State Art Museum houses impressive collections of Greek vases, Dutch paintings from the 16th century to present, and German 18th century court artwork.

When you're ready to head outdoors, Mecklenburg is your destination. Take a tour through a lakeside village turned into a living museum. You'll forget all about the museums and hotels in Germany when you've traveled back through four centuries of history in the traditional houses, gardens, farms, shops, and school of Mecklenburg!

If you need a quick return to the future, visit the Planetarium & Observatory for a look at the rest of our universe!

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