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Whether you choose your luxury hotel in Budapest on the posh west bank in Buda or the laid back east bank in Pest, this Danube River straddling city will surprise you with its unique architecture and diversity of cultural attractions.

On the Buda side take the funicular up the hill to the castle district where the Fisherman's Bastion towers sharply reach for the sky and Buda castle commands a view of the whole city from its summit. Romanesque Matthias church will also give you beautiful photo-ops. From here you will see across the river to Pest and the Neo-gothic parliament building where the Hungarian crown jewels are on display. The ancient holy relic of St. Stephen's withered right hand is also guarded whilst tourists gape within the Basilica of the same name nearby.

Also on the Pest side of town is City Park. Take your time exploring this expanse where open green spaces and walking trails give way to a zoo, circus and in the winter an ice skating rink abutting the picturesque Vajdahunyad Castle and museum. This replica of a Transylvanian fortress was so popular after the 1896 millennial exhibition it was featured in, it was rebuilt as a permanent fixture incorporating many different design styles from Romanic to Renaissance to Baroque.

For the grown ups, the park offers the famous Szechenyi Spa baths, Museum of Fine Arts and Petofi Csarnok flea market where kitschy communist era souvenirs, second hand clothes, antiques and hand crafted porcelain are bargained for.

If you can't decide which bank of Budapest suits you, take the bridge to Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube where you can enjoy the landscaped parks, garden-lined monuments and picturesque fountains as well as ancient church ruins with a bell tower still intact. The island even houses a water fun park and two hotels with neighboring bars and restaurants.

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