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Visit this often overlooked city in Italy's northern Lombardy region and enjoy the natural wonders, diverse architecture and fascinating Roman ruins. Choose a luxury hotel in Brescia for a visit full of history and beauty.

Both of the city's cathedrals are ornate and impressive in their own rights. The "new" cathedral, (built in 1604), is taller and more intricately embellished yet the "old" cathedral's round shape is stately and unique. Explore the Brescia Castle on the hill along with its towers, gardens and hidden underground tunnels.

The Piazza del Foro will be just a stroll from your luxury hotel in Brescia. This Roman forum still boasts an ancient Corinthian temple and the adjacent Roman amphitheater. Explore these eerie ruins and the surrounding medieval web of narrow streets filled with quaint shops and restaurants.

A quick trip east to Italy's largest lake, Garda, is a fun way to see the countryside but for a more tranquil, less popular side trip, Lake Iseo also boasts charming scenery and water activities.

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