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Timisoara is a city that Romanians love as much as tourists do. It is a destination that literally blossoms with beautiful architecture, lush botanic gardens, hundreds of quality restaurants and spirited nightlife. Choosing a luxury hotel in Timisoara is easy since every neighborhood has its own greenspace, unique square and picturesque churches to explore.

The main city is encircled by the first Romanian canal, the Bega Canal. Within the canal's boundary there are landscaped parks and gardens and within that verdant wreath are the downtown's colorful cathedrals, art-nouveau and neo-classical houses and bustling shopping streets.

The first landmark you will want to visit is the Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral visible at the apex of vibrant Victory Square. Stroll further and find St. George's Cathedral and the Trinity Column monument in the center of the green surrounded by charming pavement cafés.

You can take a browse in the history or natural sciences sections of the Banat Museum that are housed in  fifteenth century Huniade Castle. After a rest at your luxury hotel, get back out and enjoy the trendy, welcoming nightlife that Timisoara offers. From concerts to dance clubs to lounges, it is a city that does not go to bed early!

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