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Hotel Reservations in Graz

Graz is a beautifully preserved medieval city that is rich with museums, abundant parks and hikes, unique contemporary architecture and of course, traditional Austrian heritage. Situated along the Mur River it has a plethora of attractions for the energetic traveler, or many leisurely pursuits for peace-seeking guests. There are luxury hotels in Graz at both ends of the spectrum.

Whether you have a spring in your step and want to hike right the way up the side of the Schlossberg, delve into the hill for an elevator up or admire the view from the 60 degree funicular tram up the slope, the panorama from the top will be equally as breathtaking. Be sure to get a glimpse of the clocktower, Turkish well and have a sausage with mustard in the hilltop café. From here you will command a view of Graz's splendor and attractions below.

One of the most distinctive features is the metallic egg shaped island floating in the center of the Mur. The Murinsel, (Mur Island), is Graz's man made, steel grid attraction housing a futuristic-themed café, amphitheater and playground. Footbridges from both banks access the strange isle so visit it on your way to hunt Graz's other sights. The striking Cathedral of Graz, double spiral staircase of the Burg and chiming city glockenspiel are all must see spots. 

There is plethora of diverse museums in Graz. From natural history and contemporary art to aviation, historic tram cars and even an extensive key and lock museum, you will never want for educational endeavors here. Visit a morning market and pick up supplies for a quaint picnic, (don't forget a bottle of famous pumpkin seed oil), then trek up past the north of town to the Gösting Castle ruins for another gorgeous vista of the city below.

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Graz has storybook charm, modern marvels and so much more to enjoy from your luxury hotel. Booking luxury hotels in Graz is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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