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The magic of Linz is not caught up in fairytale castles and romantic, twinkling overlooks; it's in the modern, cutting edge arts and culture scene. The youthful, inventive locals have made Linz a destination of vibrant music, unique modern art exhibits and festivals to quench any visitor's thirst for film, dance, music or food.

Choose a luxury hotel in Linz along the "Culture Mile" so you will be mere steps from the famous Brucknerhaus concert hall and Lentos Art Museum. From classical symphonies to traditional fine art to new media arts, you will be continually impressed. At the avant-garde Ars Electronica Center you can experience mind-bending virtual reality in three dimensions, explore the Brain-Lab, Bio-Lab or Robo-Lab's interactive exhibits and learn about all hi-tech new knowledge and science.

There are so many diverse festivals throughout the year you will be hard pressed to miss one. From your luxury hotel in Linz, survey the colorful, energetic crowds and then venture into the streets to join the revelry. Savory street food, musical performances and locals selling their crafts fill the squares and you'll be overwhelmed with new foreign film showings, cabaret style theater ensembles and modern dance troupes showing off their talent.

If you find the time to relax and sight-see, Linz does have many beautiful tributes to its long history in the shape of soaring cathedrals and stately churches. Ride the scenic Pöstlingbergbahn to the summit just north of downtown to the majestic Pöstlingberg Church where views of the city are vast. Gothic-revival style St. Mary's Cathedral is a must see and don't miss a stroll along the Danube to see the eighth century Roman wall of St. Martin's church, the oldest in Austria.

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