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Salzburg, Austria is a 16th century medieval village that doesn't show its age. The ancient city is so well preserved and immaculate the undiscerning eye might think it built yesterday. Dig a little deeper into the eye-catching baroque streets though and discover the fascinating history that makes Salzburg famous. Whichever luxury hotel in Salzburg you choose, there will likely be a sumptuous view of the artfully designed churches, landmarks and squares.

Salzburg in July and August means a celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the fullest during the famous Salzburg Festival. Any time of year though, visitors flock to the Getreidegasse, in the heart of the modern shopping and hotel district, to the home where the illustrious composer was born. If you still fancy landmark hunting, visit Mirabell Gardens of "The Sound of Music" fame-- You won't be the only one humming "Do-Re-Mi" through the tulips.

There are three prominent cathedrals in the city center than soar above housetops and inspire awe. From your luxury hotel in Salzburg, hire a horse-drawn carriage to further enchant your tour. The largest is Domkirche Cathedral boasting elaborate frescoes. St. Peter's Church with its unconventional bulbous tower is no less impressive and the Franciscan Church, though smaller, is a notable model of classical architecture.

You won't miss the eye-catching Hohensalzburg fortress, colossal and stately above the city. Ride up to it via funicular and indulge in the finest view in Salzburg. Finally, whet your thirst with a lager from the 500 year old Steigl brewery. The locals will appreciate your fine taste in beer.

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