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Vienna is a handsome city of smart cafés, classical music and impeccable palace gardens. Brimming with pictorial landmarks and rich heritage, it will impress even the most refined world traveler. From your luxury hotel in Vienna you will have full run of this model region.

There are many architectural masterpieces here that are not to be missed - including many of the hotels in Vienna. Eight hundred year old St. Stephen's towering gothic cathedral houses a host of baroque artifacts and treasures to admire and a splendid view of the city from the bell tower. The imperial Schönbrunn palace has acres of manicured gardens and 1,440 rooms still radiating the opulence of past royal balls. Spend a whole day walking the meticulously kept grounds, take respite in one of the cafés then visit the fauna in Austria's oldest zoo. Nearby the palace are many of the finest hotels in Vienna with admirable views of the city, parkland, and beyond.

After an afternoon at the Spanish Riding School applauding the great skill of the Lipizzaner horses' balances and leaps, take a turn into the Stadtpark in the central city for delightful al fresco dining on traditional Viennese Würstelstand, (sausages), followed by delectable hot apple strudel. Partake in a stein or two of local beer at one of the city's excellent bars or restaurants. Take the night in and order room service; which is outstanding at many of the luxury hotels in Vienna.

Take a leave of absence from your hotel in Vienna with a trip out of the city. A fantastic starting point is the Lainzer Tiergarten wildlife preserve. This 6000+ acre park is an easy jaunt from the sights, sounds, and hotels in Vienna; and is packed with truly amazing flora and fauna viewing possibilities. The park is home to many wild boar, mouflon, as well as red and fallow deer. The city is a major transportation hub, so escaping from the hotels in Vienna is simple; either by car rental or train. Skip off to Prague, Munich, or even Italy for a day or two of multicultural distraction.

Before retiring to your luxury hotel for the evening, find your inspiration as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert once did at one of Vienna's famous opera houses. The classical symphonies that Vienna has aroused in history's finest composers only further the notion that this city indeed is exceptional.

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