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Antwerp is a flourishing city of nightlife, café culture and of course, diamonds. Choose a luxury hotel near the pubs and enjoy hip European fusion whilst you throw back steins of Duval into the early hours or seek the sophisticated, jet-setting feel of a luxury hotel in Antwerp in its Diamond District, where you can gape at rare gems and even  watch stone cutters working in front displays of the world famous shops.

Buyers from all reaches of the globe gather in Antwerp for its diamond vendors. If you aren't in the market to actually buy a stone, admiring the wares is still fascinating and the Diamond Museum's exhibits shed light on the history of the glamorous business.

Antwerp's reputation as a fashionista's paradise also makes it a prime city to browse innovative designer trends along the Meir shopping strip. The Grote Markt square where more traditional crafts and foods are sold to visitors during fairs like Bollekesfeest spreads adjacent to the Scheldt River.

Further along the riverbank, you will find Antwerp's oldest architecture dating to the early Middle Ages, showcased in Steen Castle.  You can visit the shipping museum that is housed there now that illustrates Antwerp's past and present as Belgium's vital port. If more gorgeous history is what you are after, you will be satiated by a visit to the gothic Cathedral of Our Lady that houses four of Peter Paul Ruben's celebrated art, including The Elevation of the Cross, painted in 1610.

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