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From your luxury hotel in Charleroi you will have all of the city's numerous museums and diverse international cuisine with in a stroll's distance. This is Wallonia's second largest metropolis and it holds its own against any cultural center in the region.

Choose from Italian, Thai, Vietnamese or French cuisine, you will find these and many other fresh global eateries near your luxury hotel in Charleroi. If you want a taste of traditional Belgian fare, there are plenty of options as well to find classic mussels and frites, Belgian waffles or time-honored Wallonian Cougnou, sweet bread made with sweet raisins and sugar for holidays.

Charleroi's offering of fine museums will keep any traveler's interest piqued. There are museums for fine art, archaeology and probably the most prestigious, the museum of Photography where you can muse at beautiful exhibits of international camerawork dating back to the late 1800s.

Be sure to explore a market in the Place Charles II, the literal hub of city center. Flowers, fresh food, souvenirs and handmade crafts will be just steps from your luxury hotel overlooking this square. The city belfry towers above and a view from the top of this clock tower is not to be missed.

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You will have the diverse and scenic Wallonian region at your fingertips from your luxury hotel in Charleroi. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Charleroi is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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