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Stay a luxury hotel in Pula and experience Mediterranean romance, sparkling seas, fresh food and achingly beautiful Roman ruins. The ancient architecture, lush natural environment and picture post card beaches make Pula a premier Croatian destination for history buffs, sun-worshippers and foodies alike.

The first landmark you will notice from your luxury hotel in Pula is the Arena. The sixth largest remaining Roman amphitheatre, this colossus is still very well preserved. Dating back to 27BC the space no longer hosts gladiator fights, but now boasts international superstar concerts, a summer film festival and an extensive audio guided walking tour including the caverns beneath.

Next you will want to climb the hill at city center to the angular fortress of the seventeenth century castle. Notable monuments and buildings within walking distance are the Pula Cathedral, the first century Roman Arch of Sergii and the Byzantine Chapel of St. Mary Formosa. Even the streets are layered with history with most of the old quarter's lanes paved with original Roman flagstones.

You're palate will delight in the fresh and diverse culinary arts of Pula. With Greek, Italian and eastern European influences abounding the pizza is as exquisite as the simply prepared seafood and the famous truffles are not to be missed. Pula is also known for its fine winemakers so pick up a bottle before catching a ferry to Brijuni National Park. Here you can stroll Venus's Temple ruins, discover real dinosaur prints in the fossilized sand, view wild animals in the zoo or just relax on the beach.

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