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Prague has long been proclaimed a cultural center and referred to as the Paris of Eastern Europe. Picking through luxury hotels in Prague is easy with such beauty, culture and verve abounding. Shopping, music, architecture and even rugged adventures await you in this city.

Warm up to the city in Wenceslas Square; the main shopping, dining and hub of luxury hotels in Prague. Pick up some unique hand-blown glassware before aiming north towards Havel's market where you'll find not only lunch but also quality leather goods, ornaments and ceramics Prague is known for. You will find yourself outside your hotel, in Prague's old town square, the heart of the Stare Mesto, admiring the fifteenth century Astronomical Clock that astonishingly shows the positions of moon and stars in addition to the time.

A short funicular ride takes you to Mala Strana; where nestled baroque houses surround Valdstejnsky Palace, its luxuriant gardens, and St. Nicholas's Church. In the area you will find some of the most beautiful old hotels in Prague, excellent views of the Charles Bridge and towers, and time-tested architecture throughout the "Lesser" district. Commanding Prague Castle is the most prominent part of the skyline housing the incredible height and design of St. Vitus Cathedral. Built starting in the ninth century, its spires are photo-worthy from almost any outlook in the city - which several of the hotels in Prague provide.

For modern fun, enjoy some of Prague's famous classical music by the Czech Philharmonic or visit the opera at the National Theatre, near which are many worthy hotels in Prague. The Prague Autumn International Music Festival will enthrall music buffs and the Dancing House just south of city center will impress any admirer of modern architecture. Located in a section of the city that is packed with hotels, the Dancing House is an architectural gem - to say the least.

Getting outside of the city and your hotel in Prague is easy and well worth the time it takes. The countryside surrounding the city is simply not to me missed: mountains, dense forest, and quaint small towns await your arrival. Prague is centrally located to allow travel by train or car rental to various destinations outside of its borders. Travel into Germany, Austria, and Poland is accessible almost directly outside of your hotel in Prague.

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Throw back a refreshing Pilsner Urquell at your luxury hotel after a rousing day in Prague. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Prague is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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