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Visit this quintessentially French spa town on the Mediterranean and from your luxury hotel in Aix-en-Provence get swept up in the region. The picturesque fountains, preserved medieval store fronts and sought after cuisine make Aix-en-Provence a romantic and rousing destination.

Hundreds of ornate fountains dot the streets, parks and gardens in Aix-en-Provence. From your luxury hotel set off in search of such gems as the Four Dolphins and the Fountain of Hot Water. You'll think yourself transported back to the eighteenth century as you stroll down Cours Mirabeau, the main thoroughfare of cafés and boutiques, as you admire the architecture and landscaping.

You will find yourself in the Place de l'Hotel de Ville where the seventeenth century town hall and bell tower stand majestically. Catch this square on a flower market day and be sure to pick out some fragrant blooms before tucking into a bistro for an authentic meal most likely laced with the pungent flavors of anchovies, olives, garlic and capers. For dessert pick up a tin of calissons, made locally for four hundred years from almonds and candied melon.

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