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Located just 15 minutes outside Geneva, the small village of Annemasse, France is the perfect location to book your luxury hotel. With a population of about 30,000 it offers a great refuge from the hustle-and-bustle of the big city.

While in Annemasse be sure to catch a show at Château-Rouge.  Subsidized by the city, this venue acts as a community meeting house. There are shows almost every night ranging from Jazz concerts to theater, even acrobatic performances. Château-Rouge is a must-see while in town.  Book your luxury hotel nearby and be the first in line.

Annemasse offers many public parks perfect for an afternoon stroll or picnic. Villa du Parc is centrally located making a great resting place for your tired feet after shopping. It's well groomed lawns host many sunbathers and playing children.  For those who enjoy a more natural experience the park along at La Foron River (which marks the French-Swiss boarder) is a perfect place.  The park offers shaded walking trails and rustic seating perfect for relaxing with a book or coffee.

Be sure to stop into one of the many restaurants in the area for authentic French cuisine.  L'Amaryllis, located on rue Marc Courriard is one of the best.  With daily specials, this restaurant offers the perfect balance between value, quality and service. The menu boasts many modern & traditional dishes as well as a diverse wine selection. For about €40 you can experience a romantic three course meal for two. 

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