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From your luxury hotel in Avignon you will have the treat of being within a stroll of all the famous landmarks this region boasts. This city offers deep history, vibrant festivals, charmingly chaotic marketplaces and of course celebrated Provencal wine.

The fourteenth century Palais des Papes is the world's largest gothic palace, (some walls 18 feet thick), and will be within a leisurely stroll of your luxury hotel in Avignon. Brimming with fresco covered chapels this fortress will not disappoint. The nearby Pont d'Avignon is an avidly-visited bridge ruin from the twelfth century. A sanctuary for Saint Bénézet, the poor shepherd boy who supposedly laid the first foundation stone still remains.

Nearby, the ancient Roman Pont du Gard aqueducts can be viewed, or you can tour a vineyard to sample some famous Châteauneuf du Pape wine. Pick up some prized truffles or haggle for unique market wares in the city squares then try some always delicious French cuisine at a pavement bistro.

If you are lucky enough to choose your stay in Avignon during the Festival of Avignon, be prepared for hundreds of diverse theatrical productions played out at different old city locations. This art and culture gathering takes an already charming French city and makes it extraordinary.

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