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The low lying city of Bouges was once the capital of France under King Charles VII. Book your luxury hotel to take in the city's culture & heritage and explore the lush wetlands.

Once ruled by the Roman Empire this resilient city has survived many fires and wars partially credited to the prominent surrounding marshes. Today, "the Green Routes," 10kms of winding trails lead you to and from the city through these marshes. Park the car at your luxury hotel because these trails only allow commuters who walk, bicycle, or use other non-polluting modes of transportation. Explore over 140 hectares (approximately 350 acres) of thriving mash and understand why Bourge is one of the greenest citys in the world.

The Bourges Cathedral is the jewel of the city.  It was loosely designed after the Notre-Dame in Paris.  The grandiose nave stretches 400ft and is decorated by stained glass windows dating back to the 11th century.  Take a walk down to the crypt (lower church) which harbors the tomb of Jean de Berry. This place of worship will leave you quite appropriately, in awe.

Le Beauvior located on 1 Avenue Marx Dormoy is a perfect place to enjoy traditional French cuisine.  Feast on your choice of a 3 course meals ranging from €29 - €51. For those who prefer more a contemporary setting, check out the Made in Café. Their extensive cocktail menu and lounge atmosphere makes for a perfect evening out on the town.  Book your luxury hotel now and save.

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