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At an elevation of over 1,300 meters (4,250 feet) Briançon, France is the highest city in the European Union.  Situated at the base of Crete du Rocher Blanc, it is the perfect location to book your luxury hotel. 

High in the Alps near the boarder of Italy, this city has adventures waiting around every corner.  Naturally, during the winter months skiing is the most popular activity along with ice skating and snowshoeing.  Though in the summer if you are looking for a more extreme outing, check in to bungee jumping, rock climbing or white water rafting.  For those more interested in a leisurely outing, kayaking and canoeing is always a fun time.

As the city is near the border, many large stonewalls built by Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban fortify the community to the east.  These walls were built to prevent an Austrian invasion in the 1600's.  Book your luxury hotel in Briançon and see why the UNESCO (United nation Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) recently named the fortifications and other buildings World Heritage Sites.

Briançon offers interactive guided tours for individuals, children, and groups. Explore the parish church whose two towers watch over the city.  Learn how in 1339 the town lost almost 75% of its population to plague and recovered!  Split up into to teams and discover the history, beauty and grandeur of this hidden mountain jewel. 

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