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Your luxury hotel in Calais will place you at the epicenter of international shopping and travel. This bustling city is where France meets Britain in an amalgamation of cultures, seaside fun and of course, transportation.

When you arrive in Calais, whether it's on the high speed train through the Chunnel from England, from Paris or nearby Brussels, you will notice, (on a clear day), the stark white of the Cliffs of Dover peeping above the horizon across the English Channel. These famed chalk cliffs are always on a traveler's list of sights. The lesser known, but just as picturesque Côte d'Opale on the French side of the Channel are from the same geological formation and offer a dramatic backdrop.

From your luxury hotel in Calais, step out and explore the downtown. The Flemish, renaissance style town hall is a fine piece of architecture with its 75 meter high belfry. The view from the top is not to be missed!

The shopping is really the star attraction in Calais. Large "hypercenters" are situated within easy access of the train station and ferry terminal offering designer clothing, spirits, tobacco and international restaurants. For a less busy day, stroll to the end of the pier out into the salty sea air and enjoy the view.

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