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Your visit to a luxury hotel in Carcassonne will be forever memorable for the wine, breathtaking history and special attractions. Tucked into the south of France this city boasts a fully accessible fortified city dating back to the twelfth century, a romantic canal and mouthwatering local cuisine.

From your luxury hotel in Carcassonne, make your way across Le Pont Vieux to the old fortified city. Inside you will find restored Roman architecture, a cathedral and more towers than you can count. Don't miss a carriage ride through the narrow streets and, (not for the faint of heart), the Museum of Torture in the thirteenth century Catholic Inquisition Tower. A pulse-quickening jousting demonstration will leave you breathless.

If you're a wistful romantic, a wine tasting at one of the nearby vineyards starts the afternoon, and a boat trip along the Canal du Midi, offering a different perspective on the city, rounds out the evening. Enjoy a locally traditional dinner of cassoulet or duck confit before dreamily retiring to your luxury hotel.

For the adventurous, a hike to the hidden Abbey of St. Hilaire takes you on a steep trail through the Lauquet Valley. This "Trail of Stones and Vines" is 24km of peaceful forest, vibrant wild flowers and rocky pathways.

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