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Chartres sits upon hill in the vast Beauce plain along the banks of the Eure River. A massive cathedral - the pride and joy of the city - can be seen from miles around.   Rich in history and culture, Chartres is a fabulous location to book your luxury hotel.

The Cathedral of our Lady of Chartres towers high over the city.  It is the crowning jewel.  This beautiful High Gothic church took almost 70 years to complete.  It features two extraordinary spires that stretch almost 400ft in to the sky. The site is so breathtaking that an American colonel risked his life to save the sanctuary.  Rumored to be a Nazi hold out, it was ordered that it be bombed.  Col. Welborn Griffith insisted that he complete a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines before they decimate the beautiful church.  His brave efforts are the reason why people are still able to walk through its grand nave today. 

A short ride away from the cathedral is the Musée des Beaux-Arts (the Museum of Fine Arts.) Over 14,000 people visit annually to take-in and admire the many masterpieces inside.  Works from the 16th to 19th centuries decorate the halls of what use to be the Episcopal Palace of the Bishop.  Don?t miss the opportunity to see works from artists such as Zurbaran, Soutine, and Vlaminck!

Chartres has many venues and theaters perfect for your evening enjoyment. Check out the Threshold Theater located on rue Saint Julien.  The 1400's chapel has been transformed into an intimate space for the arts.  Dancing performances and plays are the main spectacles, though there are workshops and classes that take place on stage too.

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