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Evry is a beautiful city just outside Paris. Established in 1960's, Evry is an especially new community. It is easily accessible from the Orly Airport and makes a great place to book your luxury hotel reservation.

Take a stroll through the downtown sector and shop at the many fine clothing stores and couture boutiques. The city offers many restaurants which serve the best in French cuisine. There are also a few pizza shops and exotic restaurants.

Many French cities have intricate examples of ancient Gothic cathedrals but Evry has unique 20th century cathedral that is to be reckoned with. The brick nave, an A-symmetrical cylinder, reaches almost 130 feet at its tallest point and about 100 feet at its lowest. Crowning this impressive stucture are 24 lime trees which are a symbol of life and specificly those of the future Bishops of the dioces. Discover the crypt and see the tombs that will one day hold 24 succeeding Bishops of Evry. Book your luxury hotel and take witness to this modern take of a classic French cathedral.

It is not only Catholics that live in Evry. The largest Mosque in France, The Grand Mosque of Ervy calls the city home along with the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, the Evangelist Center, a Synagogue as well as a Parish church. Come experience the diversity of the city and your book your luxury hotel in Evry.

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