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Salty sea air, unique architecture and coveted fresh seafood will all be at your whim at your luxury hotel in La Rochelle. This quaint port is nestled into the Bay of Biscay and is known as one of the real gems of France's Atlantic coastline.

The long, colorful history of the city will be quickly apparent if you study the preserved medieval architecture surrounding your luxury hotel in La Rochelle. The three towers that still stand sentry over the Old Port, Tour St. Nicolas, Tour de la Chaine and Tour de la Lanterne, are constant reminders of the old defenses that surrounded the city. A more modern defensive marvel is the massive WWII U-boat bunker that still sits in the port, now unused.

Browse the striking arcade streets that arch high over the storefronts, protecting them from sun and rain. You'll want to stop for a meal of mouthwatering mussels charentais at one of the many quality bistros along the water.

For a day trip, take a boat ride out to Ile de Ré for some beach time or spend hours exploring the expansive aquarium. The sea turtles, sharks and stingrays are sure to delight.

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