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The resilient seaside city of Le Havre has survived German occupation and virtual decimation in the 1940's.  The entire city was beautifully restored and designed by renowned architect August Perret. Boasting the second largest port in France (which supplies Paris) the city has now turned into a very important player in France's economy.  Book your luxury hotel and see what everyone's talking about.

St. Joseph's Church was build as the result of August Perret amazing vision.  It stands high over the city and can been seen from miles around.  The church has a main tower which soars over 100 meters (300 feet) into the air.  Laid into the concrete tower are 6,000 pieces of glass whose colors change depending on the sun's position in the sky.  The grandiose structure acts as a monument commemorating the 5,000 citizens of La Harve that lost there lives in WWII and continues to be a beacon of light to the city.

Though the city is rich with impressive architecture, it still is one of the greenest cities in France.  Over 90 gardens and parks spread over the land which collectively spans a staggering 300 hectares (750 acres.) Spend the day enjoying sites such as the Japanese Garden (where you can arrange a guided tour) or The Montgeon Forest, home of the Maison de la Forêt, a 1500 sq. ft. tropical green house.

In recent years, the city of Le Havre had decided to enhance the work of August Perret by installing exterior lighting throughout downtown. Book your luxury hotel and spend the night strolling about the narrow streets. See the city in a new light!

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