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The sleepy town of Lorient may not be a bustling nerve center though it does have an interesting history and natural beauty all around. Many of the people from the area speak not only French but Brenton, a Celtic language brought over by an ancient tribe from Britain. When you book your luxury hotel in Lorient you will notice many street signs around town in both the French and Brenton languages.

The city was occupied by German forces in WWII where they build a U-boat base. The steel reinforced base survived the war despite an attack by Allied Forces, dropping over 60,000 bombs; destroying of 90% of the city. You may now take tours of the submarine pen which had the capacity to hold up to thirty submarines. On the top of the massive structure you are now allowed to survey the entire city from a from what used to be an anti-aircraft tower.

As Lorient's roots lie heavily in Celtic tradition and culture, the city hosts the annual Festival Interceltique de Lorient (or Goueliou Etrekeltiek An Oriant, the name in the Brenton language.) The festival attracts singing and dancing performers from all over Europe. The celebration features many samples of traditional Celtic foods as well as paintings and sculptures.

Spend the day exploring the natural wonder of the area when you book your luxury hotel in Lorient. The Scorff and Blavet valleys offer beautiful examples of the French countryside. Relax on the banks of the rivers or spend the day sunbathing on one of the many sandy beaches.

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