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The ancient city of Macon was settled by the Celts some time during the first century B.C. and became a fortification for the Roman Empire in the 4th century. Sitting on the banks of the Saone River, which flows through the middle of the beautiful French commune, it servers as a hub for culture and diversity.  This city is alive with music, history, food and drink. Book your luxury hotel now and experience the romance of this river side beauty.

The Ursulines Museum houses many fine painting, sculptures, and drawings.  The museum was built in 1675, first serving as a convent for young girls, then as military prison in 1793 after which it became army barraks.  Finally in 1968, the French government deemed it the "Musee de Ursulines."  Run by the Department of Archaeology, the museum also displays artifacts removed from the surrounding areas. Book your luxury hotel in Macon and see the uncovered history.

One of the most recognizable landmarks of Macon is the Pont Saint-Laurent.  It is an ancient bridge that reaches over the Saone River.  When it was constructed in the 10th century it only had 6 arches. Now, after major improvements in the 11th and 14th centuries, the bridge boasts 11 spanning sandstone arches which reflect beautifully of the water below.

Throughout the week many open air markets offer the best in cheese, wine, local produce and more.  Rent a bike near your luxury hotel and explore the bounty that is Macon.  There are plenty of restaurants located in the center of town, many offering meals a la carte for around €30 or €40.

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