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The riverside town of Millau is high in the mountains of southern France. Settled some time in the first century A.D. the town has become well-known for the uncovering of many ancient artifacts. Experience the wonder of the Millau Viaduct when you book your luxury hotel and stand in awe of this great engineering feat.

While in Millau you may bear witness to the one of the longest and tallest bridges in the world. The Millau Viaduct spans over a mile and a half long, reaching heights of over 1,000 feet straight up into the air. The €400 million project took 5 years to complete. The reason for its construction was one of logistics. Prior to its erection, travelers were forced to descend into the valley of the Tarn River causing many traffic jams. Now travelers are given the option of a high speed route high over the river with less traffic problems.

Venture only a few miles outside of town to the Parc des Cavennes, the only national park in the low mountains of France. This now heavily protected forest has been untouched many years allowing the plants and wildlife to thrive in their natural environment; spend the day exploring to understanding why this place is so revered. During the 1800's, Edouard-Alfred Martel surveyed the area to discover many underground caves which are now open to the public.

The Aven Armand swallow hole is a compilation of more than 400 towering stalagmites discovered by the explorer. The underground cavern is said to be large enough to house the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Stand astonished by the natural beauty when you book your luxury hotel in Millau

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