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Pau is located in southwestern France near the border of Spain; the town was fortified in the 11th when it became an important destination for French Royals. Famous for its majestic views of the Pyrenees Mountains and vibrant history, it is the ideal place to book your luxury hotel.

Visit the Chateau de Pau Museum, a Monument Histroique and the birth place of King Henry IV. Its lavish chambers are decorated with copious fine tapestries rivaling those found only in Paris. Many of the rooms exhibit exquisite examples of intricate renaissance paintings. One of the more exciting pieces is the giant turtle shell that is said to have cradled baby Henry IV immediately after birth. On the exterior of the castle is a lush garden that was once tended by Marie Antoinette and enjoyed by the French leader Napoleon on his many holidays to the château.

Home of the first race under the name Grand Prix in 1901, Pau is also well known for it racing scene. Racecar drivers from all around the globe speed around the perimeter of the city. Over 60 runs around the circuit feature Formula 1 to 3 racers, as well as sports and leisure vehicle runs. The Pau Grand Prix, oldest Grad Prix in the world, makes an exciting setting for your luxury hotel.

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Explore the Pyrenees, see the home of Royalty, and watch Formula 1 racing around the Pau circuit when you book your luxury hotel.

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